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Our History

Organizational History

Progressive Women Forum (PWF) became a registered organization on the twenty third of November 2011. Its registered trustees are Mrs. Christie Austine Gbaraba, Mrs. Vera Gima Ogulu, Mrs. Ivy Davies Etokakpan, Mrs. Cynthia Okanje, Rev. (Fr) Abel Godwynes Ejeh Agbulu and Mrs. Kate Baridi Gaage.

2011NGO Established!

Corporate Affairs Commission issued a Certificate of Incorporation of the Incorporated Trustees of Progressive Women Forum.

Progressive Women Forum became a registered body with its Constitution, Certificates and other legal documents.

2012Launched its first project

Since 2012, Progressive Women Forum has successfully carried out its programmes and projects, ranging from youth sports development to provision of materials to basic schools and provision of relief materials to disadvantaged persons.

2015Expand the field of activity

As part of our bigger objective, we have expanded our aims towards promoting and encouraging best environmental practices, especially in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria. Our vision is to sensitize women and encourage them to take ownership of the green environment.

2017Gokana (Ogoni) Peace Rally!

The objective of the Gokana (Ogoni) peace sensitization walk will be to create awareness about the negative impact of violence in Ogoni area and on the need to shun youth restiveness and all manner of violence in Gokana area of Rivers state. The event will be managed by PWF and supported by NDDC, civil society groups, non-governmental organizations, religious organizations and student unions

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