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Monday to Saturday

Gokana (Ogoni) Peace Rally

About Project

The event to be tagged ‘Gokana Peace Rally’ will be a one day street rally designed to sensitize the people of Gokana
on the need to adopt a non-confrontational approach in crisis resolutions, shun violence and embrace peace.
Activities for the event will include the distribution of flyers to the people of the area, series of lectures by religious
and academic leaders, erection of a permanent billboard at the center of the town and the distribution of free
customized T-shirts to the people of Gokana.

Project Info


Part of the event will include;

 Assembling of all participants at a rendezvous location.

 A six kilometer walk within Gokana by all participants

 Display of banners by participating NGOs, religious organizations and other partners

 Lectures by not more than five key note speakers

 Questions, Suggestions, Answers and Open Discussion from the local people

 Refreshment

 Prayer for Peace in Gokana

 Closing of Events


Our Solution

The objective of this sensitization walk will be to create awareness about the positive impact of shunning violence in Ogoni area and on the need to shun youth restiveness and all manner of violence in Gokana area of Rivers state. The event will be managed by PWF and supported by NDDC, civil society groups, non-governmental organizations, religious organizations and student unions.

The Result

The objective is to sensitize people of Gokana area of Ogoni on the need to embrace peace and shun Violence.