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Meet-Your-Mentor Initiative

About Project

The objective of this programme is to identify young intelligent female mentees in the rural areas, connect them to successful women-mentors in the urban areas and facilitate the continuous engagement and mentorship programme of the young mentees over a period of time. The mission is to provide foster parenting, guidance, counseling and support to selected young rural residents so as to enable them catch up with modern parenting and exposure while remaining with their rural guardians.

Project Info


Our activity for the event will be as follow;

  • Set up a database of mentors from various cities of the Nigereria
  • Set up a database of prospective mentees from the rural areas of the Nigeria
  • Organize a get-to-gether meeting of prospective mentees to prospective mentors.
  • Organize an in-house review of the get-to-gether meeting and confirm mentor’s willingness to adopt a mentee or mentees.
  • Unveiling of selected mentees and mentors (at event venue)
  • Surprise donation of books and other educational materials by mentors to mentees (at event venue)
  • Discussions on dreams, aspirations and interests by mentees (at event venue)
  • Discussions from parents and guardians of mentees
  • Advice and suggestions from mentors (at event venue)
  • Organized outdoor shopping by mentors and mentees (at the end of event)
  • Continuous monitoring of mentor-mentee relationship (after event)
  • Report and evaluation of the entire programme
  • Recruitment of further mentees and mentors
  • Launching of the next (second) phase of the initiative


Organizational Structure

As part of the process towards launching the Meet-Your-Mentor Initiative, Progressive Women Forum shall put in place the following structure and arrangement as part of the project initiative.

  1. Establish a permanent team to coordinate and manage the entire programme
  2. Establish a logistics and planning committee to handle the visit to various communities and schools for the purpose of identifying prospective mentees.
  3. Establish a Mentor Recruitment Committee to identify prospective reliable and successful mentors who would be able to participate in the initiative.
  4. Launch an online campaign about the programme and recruit both mentors and mentees through the social media.
  5. Carry out background and risk assessment checks on prospective mentees before admitting them into the programme.
  6. Identify possible partners and donors who would support mentors in taking care of the financial needs of the prospective mentees.
  7. The management team of Progressive Women Forum (PWF) shall carry out regular evaluation of the programme to ensure that desired results, aims and objectives are met.

The Result


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